brand suite

Is your brand helping you? Or hurting you?

As an online business, your brand is the face of your business.

But here’s the scary truth:

Unclear or inconsistent branding = Business sabotage

 A lack of consistent, quality branding is the quickest way to send your casual internet stalkers running for the hills before you’ve even met.

Talk about a bummer, huh?

The good news is… It’s 100% fixable!

it’s time to clarify & beautify your brand!

This Brand Suite package is perfect for the small biz owner who is ready to clarify, beautify, and uplevel their brand… like, yesterday!

Having a consistent brand will not only attract the clients of your dreams, but it will foster the oh-so-important “Know, Like, and Trust” factor that is SO key nowadays to the success of an online business owner.

so, what’s included?


• Primary Logo
• Alternative Logo
• Submark
• Favicon
• Black & white alternative logos
• Custom color palette
• Custom font pairing


• Creative Brief Questionnaire
• Brand Board
• Master Style Guide
• Launch Day social media graphic
• Custom social media banner

1:1 Experience

• 30 minute Intro Call
• 30 minute Creative Session
• Unlimited Email Communication
Total Investment starts at: $1200
50% due upon booking, 50% due upon completion.
Additional add-ons available below.
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