Cross Over Marketing is a marketing company founded by two life-loving social butterflies, Rob Blair and Fred Steck, who decided they wanted to “do” marketing differently.

They created Cross Over Marketing as a means of creating influential and meaningful business partnerships for their friends and clients.

In other words, they create what they call “Amplified Partnerships”, where by combining forces, all parties benefit! 

Plus, is it really “work” when you get to hang out with friends/clients for a living while helping everyone succeed?

Talk about a win-win!


Rob and Fred’s lives (and their business) are pretty dang cool – they work with a number of really big names and have a hand in some of the coolest events around, so their website needed to reflect that!

So why not put it front and center when people first show up to the site??

This scrolling banner at the top of Home Page is probably one of my favorite features on the whole website, and thus deserved a little shoutout in this post!

The banner rotates between 4 of their many partnerships and/or clients, and even has an awesome subtle zooming feature (not seen above) that really amps the coolness factor up a notch.

The images above are just still frames, so to see the real life version of their Home Page (and the whole website!) head on over to right now!


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