This page design was a standalone sales page for an online course called Elevate with Ease.

A Sales Page is a webpage specifically designed to sell something – an online course, a product, a high-end offer, etc. 
They’re a completely different animal than your “normal” website pages.
On a sales page, you’ll notice a few minor changes in the page design as compared to a normal website page, such as: 
  • They don’t have a top navigation/menu bar 
  • Every button leads you to the same thing
  • The footer is very minimalist
  • The page is realllllly long
  • Certain sections or content may be repetitive
  • The entire page is geared towards ONE product, service, course, etc.

The reason for this is simple – this page is designed with ONE goal in mind – to sell your offer. 

By removing as many distractions as possible (menu, footer, buttons/links leading elsewhere) you’re increasing the potential time a reader will stay on your page, and thus hopefully improving the likelihood of them buying.

You’re also spending a lot of time speaking TO your people, showcasing all the value your offer includes, and helping them decide if it’s for them. 

While normal website design required a great amount of strategy to make your website effective AF, Sales Pages are a whole other ballgame.

A good Sales Page requires amazing images, branding that resonates, relatable and effective copywriting, a beautiful design, AND a strategic layout. 

But once they’re created, the magic can begin!

So there, now you have maybe a bit more Sales Page knowledge than before, AND a pretty page to gush over too!

“Corine is AMAZING!!! She has done copy writing for me, small projects for my business, as well as my launch page! I am always blown away by how quickly she works and how beautiful it ALWAYS turns out. She is able to see my vision beyond anything I could ever put into words! She is your girl for it all! 10/10 recommend!!!”

Gabriella Capobianco

Soul Getters

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