**In full transparency, I want to be doubly clear that I did not create the branding for Wheel Wranglers. This was a collaboration project (my first ever!) where I designed the website, and another designer (who’s crazy talented!) created the branding. I just want to share the full branding suite that was created because 1. It’s amazing, 2. It was a massively important part of the project (arguably MORE SO than the website), and 3. The designer deserves heaps of recognition!

Check it out, and I’ll explain more below.



This was a unique project for me because it was the first time I’ve ever done a collaboration project with another designer. And with how it turned out, I would definitely do it again!

I teamed up with Ilka of Ilka Graphics who is a kickass graphic designer from Jackson, WY. Ilka and I had met through the good ole interwebs a while back and worked on a few small projects together here and there, but this way by far our first “real” project together. 

Ilka created the full branding identity for Wheel Wranglers (which I’m absolutely obsessed with!) including their logo, alternate logos, color palette, fonts, imagery, icons, and basically #allthethings design related. Then, after she whipped up Wheel Wranglers’ new, badass brand – I used that to create their website, with her incredible help and feedback the whole time.

I have to admit, our tag team effort on this one really blew me away with the final result. Screenshots don’t do it justice, because the small moving effects of the live site add so much to the overall experience.

Plus, Wheel Wranglers’ actual business model is arguably the coolest thing I’ve ever heard of.

Wheel Wranglers is a fully mobile bicycle rental and delivery service in Jackson, WY. Which means they bring you your bikes on the day(s) of your rental, and round em up at the end of the day – so you can spend as much time as possible on two wheels!

The owners of Wheel Wranglers love their home in Jackson, and know you will too!

Be sure to check out the live site at for the full effect!

And if you’re ever in Jackson, WY – Wheel Wranglers in a MUST!


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